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Would you like to make healthier life choices effortlessly?

Do you sometimes feel that there are core issues that are
holding you back from tapping into your highest potential?

Could you use a proven step-by-step plan for
sustaining a successful Lifestyle Makeover?

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More than twenty-five years have passed since my first hypnotherapy training and I continue to be fascinated by the how the science of hypnosis can be applied to so many aspects of our daily lives: Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, acquire positive, life-affirming habits, de-stress, overcome debilitating fears, low self-esteem and the effects of a difficult childhood, or explore deeper dimensions of Self – I still consider hypnotherapy to be he ultimate modality for communicating directly to the subconscious mind – the only truly effective way to generate lasting change.

My career has centered around creating original therapeutic tools, systems and experiences that are designed to help individuals tap into the mind's vast potential. I have had the privilege of training therapists and practitioners worldwide in these theories/practices.

Hypno-Potential™ is the first modality that I created. Using specially guided hypnotic regressions, I help an adult explore childhood trauma, reframing the experience for emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Quantum Selves Therapy™ employs the thought-provoking concepts of simultaneous time and quantum mechanics to explore how our significant life choices impact our existence.

Jungian Archetypal Exploration™ based on the depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, is a journey into the collective unconscious to examine the interplay of the subpersonalities and archetypes that influence our characters traits and creative contributions.

My latest modality Life Makeover Therapy™ reveals your basic life vision and premise, which, operating holographically and at a subconscious level, has co-created your current life experience. By identifying this premise and applying a step-by-step plan designed around your unique nature and purpose, you are guided into a successful "Life Makeover".

I am also a Raw Foods chef and educator at many prominent health food stores around the Tampa Bay area and offer workshops that incorporate the power of the mind combined with making healthier lifestyle choices. Several years ago, I made the personal choice of eating primarily raw foods (80% or higher) and have experienced some extraordinary improvements in my health and life. I am currently working on a book on the Raw Fusion Lifestyle that I teach, which will be finished in fall 2010. Check out my websites "Raw Food Fairy" and "Raw Foods Ph.D." for information, scientific research, recipes, blogs, resources and helpful hints on the raw foods lifestyle.


~ LindaJoy

Raw Foods, Ph.D.

Would you like to incorporate more raw foods into your life?
Do you sometimes feel like you can use a "life makeover"?

How can you make healthier life choices effortlessly?
Are you ready to get to the core issues?

LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D., Life Makeover Therapist and Raw Food Fairy has over 25 years of international experience as a specialist of the subconscious mind — helping people get to the root cause of behavioral patterns so that they can create positive, life-affirming choices and balance mind-body-spirit. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Dr. Rose will facilitate your "life makeover" functioning as counselor, hypnotherapist, life coach, trainer, motivator and personal chef. She is author of Your Mind: The Owner's Manual and other books, raw foods educator and CEO and creative force behind Fairy Line Natural and Fairy Girls Club.

About the Author

LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D., Life Makeover Therapist and Raw Foods Ph.D. has over 25 years of international experience specializing in the subconscious mind — helping people get to the root cause of behavioral patterns to create positive, life-affirming choices and balance mind-body-spirit.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach as counselor, hypnotherapist, life coach, trainer, motivator and personal chef, Dr. Rose will help you facilitate the beneficial changes you want from your "life makeover."
Dr. Rose is author of Your Mind: The Owner's Manual, a raw foods educator, and CEO of Fairy Line Naturals and Fairy Girls Club.

For more info, call (813) 962-4901.

Fairy Goddess Gatherings

Set aside the cares and worries of your daily routine and step into an enchanted realm for a magical afternoon or evening filled with fun, friendship and femininity. Discover your inner fairy, de-stress, and tap into your mind's infinite potential with easy-to-implement fairy therapies designed by Dr. LindaJoy Rose, creator of Fairy Line Naturals.

Be showered and empowered with gifts, blessings & natural, healthy tools to improve your life. Perfect for baby or bridal showers, girlfriend getaways, motivational business meetings, workshops or a pampering retreat, your Fairy Goddess Experience will be facilitated by a professional Fairy Therapist. Contact (813) 962-4901 or send an email to for more information.

Fairy Line Naturals

As a trainer in the healing arts, I'm always developing new ways to reach people in innovative ways. In addition to my books and newsletters, I'm excited to say that Fairy Line Naturals – my original line of Magical Natural Science™ products – was launched in 2000 and going strong 10 years later, selling world-wide. More experiences than products, Fairy Line Naturals creations empower children and adults to enrich their imaginations and overcome their fears. The green fairy-themed line includes bath and body care products with exotic eco-essences and pure essential oils, healing balms, calming sprays, designer fairy wings, fairy jewelry, childrens' items, Fairy Tea Parties™ and one-of-a-kind gift items inspiring the mind, body and soul's unlimited possibilities. Visit our site today!

Coaching & Counseling Available!

Would you like to work through some issues that have held you back from realizing your full potential? Would you like some guidance and/or insights into the dynamics of your subconscious mind? I am once again accepting clients for therapy. No problem if you live outside of Tampa, FL - this work can be done effectively by phone with e-mail follow-ups.

There are 1/2 hour and 1 hour weekly, bi-weekly or every 2 week sessions available. Major credit cards accepted. To call for an appointment or discuss this further, call me at 1-866-983-2479.

Parallel Lives - Exploring Your Quantum Selves

Now available as a PDF format e-book. This fascinating topic gives you some basic and easy to comprehend information on quantum mechanics and the theory of simultaneous time. Adapted from a popular workshop, this book is 44 pages packed with information and enlightening techniques to help you review and recreate the significant choices that have shaped your life. Order here.

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