Your Mind: The Owner's Manual

Congratulations! You are the owner of the most sophisticated computer that has ever been invented, capable of complex reasoning, deductions, analysis and with an unlimited capacity for learning and data storage. It has been estimated that if a model of such a complex machine could be duplicated in physical form — one that could carry out the billions of transactions and messages that cross our minds on a daily basis — it would be the size of the state of Texas! Yet, with such advanced technology gifted to you at birth, you did not come equipped with a how-to manual and it is most likely that you are not benefiting from more than a minute percentage of your computer's capacity. It has also been estimated that we use perhaps only between 3-5% of our mind's potential. That is like spending your hard-earned money on a cutting edge computer and never learning how to properly operate it to get the maximum benefit of your investment.

In addition to the manifold operations of the mind in processing and storing information and enabling us to learn consistently, the mind is also the key factor in the creation of our personal reality. In other words, our thought processes manifest our physical experiences. (As the biblical saying goes, "As a man thinks in this heart, so shall he live.")

Although we tend to assume that thoughts are random and entirely subjective, they represent the true nature of our subconscious content. We go through the day, virtually oblivious of the effect that repetitive and unexamined thoughts have on our existence. And then year by year we tend to get a little more frustrated, a little more depressed and finally convinced that somehow true happiness or success have left us by the wayside. Yet, imagine discovering that by implementing the easy-to-learn rules and suggestions in this manual, you could enhance your life experience a hundred-fold!

So much of whom you assume yourself to be is the result of the programming you received during the first twelve years of your life. The way you see yourself, life and the world in general has been formed by the impressions you received during those crucial years of development. When you buy a new computer for your home or office you usually have some software programs automatically installed which you have the option to change or upgrade. If the accompanying programs are not compatible to your needs you would simply replace them with the proper ones. When was the last time you searched your own data base to find out if the programming that "automatically" came with your mind is one that serves you for your higher needs and goals? Would you even know how to run a search on that data base? And if you did, would you know how to alter the programming so that it worked according to your specifications? Herein lies the purpose of this manual, a how-to guide on how to bring forth the full potential from the most extraordinary gift that you have ever received.

It is my purpose, in sharing this instruction manual with you, that you become conscious of what your mind is telling you about yourself and giving you the option to reject or override those thoughts or suggestions that are not getting you what you want in life. All action comes about by orders from your mind. Your behavior is the result of suggestions that have been implanted in your mind either consciously or unconsciously. A suggestion is a word, series of words or phrases that once recorded upon the subconscious will bring about a certain behavior, result or condition. These suggestions are the result of programming. Anything that you have accomplished up to this point in your life is the result of a suggestion or series of suggestions currently present in your subconscious mind. And conversely, anything that you have not been able to accomplish up to now in your life is the result of a suggestion or series of suggestions currently present in your subconscious mind. In order to change your life experience, you need to change the programming.

If your computer had a glitch that made it respond in an erroneous way or not carry out a specific command, you would need to get to the source of the problem in order to repair it. Unless your were an expert in software design it is unlikely that you would be able to fix the problem without knowing how to communicate to the computer in its particular language. You would have to possess technical information in order to give the command to correct the problem. The subconscious also operates by means of commands given to it in a set language. It can only respond to what is presented in a certain vernacular, just as computers are programmed in technical languages. Although the rules and laws of the mind are relatively simple to learn, there is the element of having to study and learn these techniques in order to bring about positive change. It would be foolish and potentially dangerous to operate a sophisticated piece of equipment without first studying its proper usage. If you were the experimental type, you might have some successes, but they would be hit or miss. Once you realize how the mind works, you have a whole panorama of possibilities laid out before you.

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