Seminars & Workshops

Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and is available to be an inspirational keynote presenter at your conference or special event. As an international expert on subconscious dynamics and the power of suggestion, pioneer in the field of hypnotherapy, published writer and creator of a magical and innovative line of products sold world-wide. Dr. Rose can deliver a powerful and motivational message of change, clarity, confidence and creativity to your audience.

Here are some of the original seminars, conferences and work/playshops she offers:

Activating Your Mind's Potential Seminar

A three-hour study on the operation, structure and power of the mind, as presented in Dr. Rose's inspiring book, Your Mind: The Owner's Manual. Designed for anyone who wants to access the mind's "Power Supply" and create miraculous change in their life!

During this educational and insightful course you will:

  • Understand and overcome the obstacles that live in your subconscious
  • Discover your "Tool Kit" to create a healthy lifestyle
  • Overcome negative habits, addictions, fear, depression and anger
  • Discover the “21 – Day Secret” to create life affirming habits
  • Learn techniques for healing and pain control
  • Enhance self-esteem, creativity and personal relationships

Hypno-Potential Certification Seminar

This course is geared towards professionals in the healing arts –counselors, therapists and psychologists. Upon completion of this two and a half day workshop, a certification will be issued by The International Organization of Natural Health Alternatives. Hypno-Potential is a viable alternative mental health system which has become incorporated as standard practice in Japan, Mexico and Hong Kong. The therapeutic procedures contained within are effective in treating anxiety, clinical depression, complexes, phobias and psychosomatic disorders. These cases can be treated by a clinical hypnotherapist with the appropriate medical/psychological referral.

In this course, you will learn the techniques session by session, from the initial clinical interview through closure which can be completed in as little as six (6) sessions. The most outstanding feature of this system is the use of age regression to uncover trauma which is often the source of many emotional disorders. Through a dynamic and easy to learn 7-step procedure you can discover how abreaction/cartharsis can lead to rapid and spontaneous healing for your clients.

The benefits you will achieve from this course:

  • Increase your potential as a hypnotherapist
  • Understand the source of subconscious blocks
  • Discover the effect of negative programming
  • Learn the concept of healing through simultaneous time theory
  • Experience a step-by-step system which is easy to follow and implement
  • Uncover the root of psychosomatic disorder

Fairy Goddess Gatherings - Get Your Goddess On!

Three magical hours filled with friendship, fun and femininity where you play and learn to tap into the magnificent potential of your subconscious mind, expand your heart center and discover your "inner fairy".

Open yourself to the Fairy Realm and invite creativity, healing and enchantment in to your life. Learn about timeless fairy archetypes existing in our subconscious minds, representing all the wonderful ways we can share our unique gifts with the world.

Tap into your positive traits and infinite potential and discover easy-to-implement everyday techniques to:

  • Reconnect to your inner magic and the world of unlimited possibilities
  • Expand your imagination and awareness of multi-dimensional states
  • Cultivate more joy, gratitude, appreciation and balance in your life
  • Enhance self-esteem, creativity and confidence
  • Experience being "in the flow!"
  • Be showered and empowered with gifts, blessings & natural, healthy tools to improve your life!

You will also create a fairy craft keepsake and receive a Goodie Bag of exciting Fairy Line Naturals "Magical Natural Science" products.

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